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Production products: dried fruit dried fruit cake
Factory time: 2017-06-08

Guangxi Yanjin Shop Food Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise mainly engaged in research, development, production, processing and sales of snack foods for nuts, tropical fruits and marine products. It is fully invested by A-share listed company Yanjin Shop Food Co., Ltd., 2017 It was approved by the Pingxiang County Administration for Industry and Commerce on June 8 and has a registered capital of 35 million yuan.

Guangxi Yanjin Shop plans to build leisure food processing projects such as nuts, tropical fruits, marine products, agricultural and sideline products, with a total investment of RMB 219 million. The project will be constructed in two phases. The first phase will cover an area of about 90.83 mu. Construction will start in June 2017 and will be put into operation in December.

In 2018, Guangxi Yanjin Shop Food Co., Ltd. invested in the production of dried mango, mango cake and quick-fried durian meat products, achieving a sales income of 65 million yuan. At the end of 2018, Guangxi Yanjin Shop continued to increase investment and increased the durian freeze-drying production line. Expanding the production capacity of dried mango and mango cakes, it is expected to achieve sales revenue of more than 200 million yuan in 2019;

Guangxi Yanjin Shop relies on Pingxiang's geographical advantages, raw materials to achieve local direct mining, products are more fresh and delicious, can better serve consumers; at the same time relying on Pingxiang City's high-quality ecological environment, good investment environment, and government levels With the strong support of the leaders, the company will operate with care, continue to grow and develop, contribute to the development of Pingxiang's economy, and strive to repay the society with first-class performance.

Guangxi Yanjin Shop Food Co., Ltd.
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