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    In recent years, Hunan Delightshop Food Co., Ltd was award-winning: “Delightshop” brand was indentified as “China Famous Brand” by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce; the company was awarded as “National Processing Industry Demonstration Unit of Agriculture Products” and “National Entrepreneur–led Outstanding Enterprise” by the Department of Agriculture; it was also awarded as “The 9th and 10th China Food Safety Annual Meeting Demonstration Unit”, “Hunan Leading Enterprise of Agricultural Industrialization”, Hunan “Little Giant” Plan enterprise, “Hunan Self-dependent Innovation Demonstration Enterprise” and “Hunan Agriculture Processing Quality Management Advanced Enterprise”. “Delightshop” series of products are identified as “Hunan Famous Brand Products” by the Hunan Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and are awarded “China (Changsha) International Food Fair Gold Medal”.

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