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In 2005, Hunan Delightshop Food Co., Ltd was formally founded, and first launched independent bulk products of cool and glazed fruits, filling the void of only having packaged and non-packed products in this industry, and was widely praised by the market.

In 2007, the hard bean curd factory was founded.

In 2008, the manufactured meat factory was founded.

In 2009, Hunan Delightshop Food Co., Ltd was awarded as Hunan leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization.

In 2010, the roasted seeds and nuts factory was founded.

In 2010, the company was awarded Hunan Famous Trademark.

In 2011, Delightshop Food trademark was identified as China Famous Brand by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce.

In 2011, the vegetarian food factory and pastry factory were founded one after another, making Hunan Delightshop Food Co., Ltd the top comprehensive enterprise with the widest range of products in leisure food area.

In 2012, sales channels sinking and refined area management further enhanced the brand’s core competence.

In 2013, the chicken feet factory was expanded and a new roasted seeds and nuts factory was founded.

In 2013, the headquarter warehousing logistics center was founded, which was a milestone of logistics development of the company, and indicated that with technology power, the company used information-based system to realize digital management and meet the need of business development in future.

In 2013, Delightshop Food offices reached more than 40, and several logistics independent distribution warehouses was set up over the country, making distribution services more fast and convenient.

In 2013, Hunan Delightshop Food Co., Ltd Exclusive Agency made a brand-new stage pose, building Delightshop leisure food kingdom with more mature management model and more professional services.

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