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Corporation Vision: to be a century enterprise, to be the most focused and most professional leading enterprise in leisure food industry.

Core Concept: Delightshop will be constantly committed to providing consumers with safe and secure leisure food and creating healthy and happy life with high quality.

Corporation Spirit: hard working, perseverance, pragmatism, innovation, pursuit of excellence.

Corporation Mission: based on talents and technology, oriented by customer satisfaction, to provide intimate service, create safe products with high quality and constantly improve the development of agricultural and sideline products processing.

Management Concept: technological innovation, leading technology, people-oriented and continuous improvement.

Product Concept: The great project, food safety for this

Talent Concept: Discover able people and put them at suitable posts; Appoint people by abilities

Talent Policy: Honest and keep improving, brave to take responsibilities, disciplined, having both ability and integrity, team cooperative, result-oriented, attract people with development, unify people with cause, nurture people with work and assess and repay people with performance

Team Style: Result comes first, mission must be reached,

                       never finish today’s work till tomorrow, higher efficiency and higher goal

Marketing Strategy: Agriculture + technology, integration of industrial chain

Marketing Management and Strategy: Brand extension, directional R&D, production-oriented sales prospects, purchasing-oriented production, whole-process quality control

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